What is the Digital Photo Finalizer Affiliate Program?

The Digital Photo Finalizer Affiliate program allows you to distribute and sell Digital Photo Finalizer to your customers.  Some of the benefits of the program are:
  • Offer your customers true, extra value, with Digital Photo Finalizer Lite
  • Earn 30% commission on your Digital Photo Finalizer upgrade sales
  • No inventory or cost to you, only profits from sales
  • Customized versions of Digital Photo Finalizer available 
How does it work? How do I get started?

The process is simple:
  1. Sign Up - Fill out the Affiliate form below here
  2. Receive Coupons - You will be sent Digital Photo Finalizer discount upgrade coupon codes to distribute to your customers. 
  3. Bundle Digital Photo Finalizer - You bundle Digital Photo Finalizer Lite Edition with your product, giving your customers a valuable tool for improving their digital photos.
  4. Upgrade Purchases - Customers can easily upgrade to the Pro Edition via www.DigitalPhotoFinalizer.com.  Toward the end of the purchase process they enter their coupon code.  This code gives them some additional savings and identifies you as the referral.
  5. Monthly Summary - You are sent a monthly summary of your sales.  You receive a commission of 30% from your referrals.

The process is as easy.  There is no cost or inventory for you.

Digital Photo Finalizer Affiliate Program Info Request Form 

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Fill in the form above here, then click submit button to get started